Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Smashing Success in Beaufort!"

This fall I was the guest and featured artist of the Fundraising Party of the Beaufort Historical Association. Saturday night at the home of Doug and Carolyn Brady on Front Street in Beaufort, sponsors of this year's event viewed and purchased several of my paintings. Proceeds benefited the ongoing educational and restoration projects at the Beaufort Historic Site. I was honored to participate in such a classy and grandiose event.

Likewise, I provided the Fall Party chairman, Ann Sloan, with a commissioned painting of Beaufort's St. Paul's Episcopal Church where her daughter was recently married. "Eric is a very talented and passionate artist," says Ann. I can frankly say Ann Sloan is a gracious, generous, and elegant lady, and it was a pleasure working with her. She helped make my BHA experience a delight.

My overall experience fell in line with my personal goals of stately luxury and professional prestige. Sponsors invested in my paintings and the BHA. The events were well attended. My family enjoyed themselves. I had a ball! Being in Beaufort was a smashing success!