Thursday, April 8, 2010

"The Diary of Eric McRay: AACC host renowned artist exhibiton"

Wow! I did an interview with the "Nubian Message", but never had the chance to read the piece. Amazing what you find when you Google yourself. Please take time to check it out. Thanks, McRay

"Art Star of the Week: Eric McRay"

"Star here: I first met Eric McRay at an Open Studio Event in Raleigh many years ago. As I recall, he was speaking on the phone as I admired his work. I was about to slip out of the studio, when he finished his call, looked up with a smile, and asked me: “So, what’s your favorite?” To paraphrase that line from Jerry Maguire: He had me at ‘So…’A wonderful professional working relationship was born from that first conversation. As to choosing a favorite, that’s a tough thing to do. I admire Eric’s use of pure color and his splashy, playful style. Here’s a little more insight into the expressive Eric McRay:"

-Star Sosa

"WorldArts Interview"

Please take time to view my interview on the "WorldArts" website.
Thanks, Eric