Monday, January 10, 2011

"Welcome to the Creative Process - 100 Hearts"

"Welcome to the creative process.  I'm always conceiving new ideas which I document in my extensive library of art journals.  I've continually maintained a journal since 1984.  Ideas are plentiful; time, energy and resources are limited.  So I selectively choose the works I create.  Next, I empty myself of images.  My art comes through a process of ideas, documentation, planning, organization, and systematic creation.  As you can tell, intellect and passion fuel the creation of my work."

"As each piece was close to completion, I'd line them up on the floor to get a quick overview of what's been done and where this body of work must go.  I'm a conceptionalist, thus my art is created in themes and variations on themes."

"See the cardboard?  Often I'm down there on the floor laying on paint.  Boy, sometimes that really hurts my knees."

"Can you see my Heart self-portrait among the group?  I was inspired by Warhol, Van Gogh and Rembrandt who often painted self-portraits as they addressed new styles or series."

"I've been asked are these little boxes of chocolate?  Wishful thinking, but only 6x6 inch acrylic paintings with collage on canvas.  See the brown, red and white piece in the middle?  I was striving to make it look like a little cake and applied the acrylic paint as if it was cake icing."

"In this series of hearts, I've paid homage to some of my earlier themes and subjects such as coffee, portraiture, flags, cakes, coke, diet cokes, jazz, and pop art."

"Each canvas is signed on the bottom right and also on the back."

"All my work, regardless of style or subject is about abstraction.  Even in this photo, I'm addressing the issue of abstraction."

"Being a successful artist in my opinion is about discipline and process.  The muse and irrational zeal is over rated.  I try to systematically create my work quickly and efficently.  That's the secret to being prolific."

"The white pieces on top were inspired by molasses cookies and cake icing.  Yummy yum yum!"

"As of today, I've finished close to 60 canvases.  I've got a lot of work to do to complete this body of work.  I look at the series or theme as a singular piece of art.  The pieces stand as individuals and as a unified whole."

"What can I say other than I'm having a lot of fun.  I'm not working hard, but working steadily.  Another secret to success as an artist is to keep it fun.  Be imaginative and keep excited.  When being an artist feels like a job, you're screwing up.  This should be like a kid in a candy shop."

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Susanna Pantas said...

Great insights Eric! You are an inspiration to so many ~