Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Artist, Eric McRay: The Hardest Working Man In The Art Business"

Artist, Eric McRay: The Hardest Working Man in the Art Business
Question: "Do you have a clone helping you with all this work? Art elves who come out in the middle of the night and finish your paintings? You are working overtime my little brother and I commend you!! What a fabulous body of work!!"

Answer: Thank you, but no clones.  Wish I could clone myself, but we would all be so competitive, we'd work ourselves to death.  That's like stopping fire with fire.

Art elves?  Hmmm, yes if you're speaking of my kids.  Unfortunately, not ready to take over our art empire yet.

The answer is simply, I love what I do.  Also, I'm the James Brown of Art. The hardest working man in the art business.

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